Specializing in corporate human resources management and creating technology solutions solely in this field since 1992, SFS-MAN is amongst SFS Group companies.


The SFS Group, having been creating technology solutions for 21 years with their specialization in concepts such as insurance, HRM, CRM, pension fund, finance and expenditure management with its 120-person staff and Istanbul headquarters and offices in Ankara and Germany, is one of the most competent software companies in Turkey.


Solutions presented by SFS-MAN with their knowledge and technology experience in their specialization field Human Resources Management are now mature and are surfacing as substantial competition against world-renowned foreign solutions.


Brands established by our solutions are


INKA - Human resources management system

INKA/NET-Sharing of human resources management with all employees over the web and workflows e-Performans - Performance management system operated on the Web

AnketEvi – Satisfaction calculation and survey system, portal on the Web

e-CVbank – Employment management system and employee elimination, selection and assignment tool on the Web


These products have been and continue to be used satisfactorily in many different companies and in a total of 96 reference companies. They have been providing significant production improvements to its users since 1992. 


Developing software products in the Corporate Resources Management Systems field, SFSDEV specializes in ;

Corporate Expenditure Management Systems - WinSpend

Financial Management System - WinFinancials

Inflation Accounting System - InflationWare

and has gained experience in extensive public and private sector projects, particularly involving the service sector.


SFSDEV products aid companies in improving business processes and reducing expenditures.


Aiming to provide services to countries around the world, SFSDEV's Corporate Expenditure Management System WinSpend is widely employed by Turkey's leading companies. The software is effectively used in Aviva Sigorta, HSBC Bank, HSBC Yatırım, Finans Sigorta, Axa Holding, Axa Sigorta and Axa Hayat Sigorta by over 10,000 users.


Formed by merging Deloitte&Touche's knowledge on inflation with SFS technologies, the Inflation Accounting System and Financial Management Reporting System InflationWare is successfully employed in over 60 companies including Şişecam, OYAK Grubu, La Farge and İDAŞ. A Windows-based software capable of integrating with almost all kinds of accounting software and updated based on the requests of the Capital Markets Board, InflationWare is the indispensable helper of not just companies under SPK but companies that want to observe inflation-free, real value financial sheets as well.


Aviva Sigorta, Sompo Japon Sigorta, AIG Sigorta, Garanti Bankası and Ziraat Bankası are also amongst those who keep track of the Pension Fund Accounting System with WinFinancials.