Strategic Functional Systems

Insurance Suite
Robust functions of SFS Artificial Intelligence Rate Engine System
  • Artificial Intelligence Based
  • Machine Learning System Using Big Data of Insurance
  • Data Mining System Using Big Data of Insurance
  • Automatic Tariff Management Using Machine Learning
  • Precise Risk Analysis and Correct Risk Pricing
  • Supports For The Best Market Oriented Product Design
  • Supports For The Best Intelligent Renewal Operations
  • Supports For The Best Cross Sales and Upsales Facility
  • Supports For The Best State Through Process

Artificial Intelligence Rate Engine System Benefits

Micro and macro level support

Risk assessment is being implemented by two methods: Micro Level Offering is that while a new policy, renewal, endorsement, etc. approval, system is able to say why and whether the customer is profitable or not. Macro Level Offering is that while defining pricing strategy of the company, system is able to report the information learned so that desicion makers make more appropriate desicions.

Supports Underwriting Excellence

Achieving underwriting profitability in this rapidly changing market requires enhanced risk analysis and an optimized workflow to focus on high-value responsibilities.

Conversion of the Big Data to the Information

With machine learning based artificial intelegence and data mining, you can have the information usafle in the process of pricing.

Detection of Extraordinary Conditions

All possible conditions and attributes that result in profit/loss are being monitored. In this way, the company is much more competitive and profitable.

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