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Insurance Suite

Proportional (Quota-par, Treaty, Facultative ) and Non Proportional Contract Management per Line of Business (LOB) can be managed on yearly or quarterly base. Per Covegarage, per LOB or per product risk rules can be implemented easily.

Runoff and cleancut provisions can be enabled.Sharing ratios can be calculated with adaption of risk or cumulative risk policies.Cumulative risk policies are grouped according to Geographic Risk Adressing and line of businesses.

With these some features SFS Reinsurance Solutions can be adapted to every kind of insurance Companies like Auto, Property, Exporting and Credit ,Body, Health etc.

  • Adaptive Risk Contract Manager which can keep and track many various risk sharing agrements with its special exceptions.
  • Multi-Linguality to support different user profiles espcially useful for multinational insurance and treaty companies.
  • Multi-Currency facility to provide sensitive multiple currency conversions to local currency.
  • Relatime or term based reinsurance distribution coupled with policy or claim transactions.
  • End to End EBPM driven processses loosely coupled with SFS Reinsurance Backoffice. So Insurance Companies can implement its underwriting risk sharing rules between counterparts.
  • Adaptive Agenda and Contact Center Screens per each user/role.
  • Generic alert and warnings by mail/sms/social media based on Information Rule Manager of Reinsurance Risks.Espicially reminding of contract renewing, capacity usage exceding e.t.c.
  • Auto required document generation and tracking and delivery.
  • Adaptive Print Template Manager so each different new template reqirement can be easily designed and deployed.
  • Auto dynamic print exctraction per business case (like bulletin, voucher e.t.c)
  • Powerful integrator which is sending and taking informtaion to another systems like Sun -GL, SAP-GL , govermental reinsurance observer systems.So transparency can be established on real time or on weekly/monthly/yearly terms.
  • Pre-Underwriting and Post-Underwriting authorizations with DOP (Delegation Of Power)
  • Multi Payment And Collection Facilities like (EFT, Cash,Cheque e.t.c)
  • Installment Manager and reminders.
  • Reconciliation facilities with Treaty Companies for payment/collection balancing.
  • Cumulation Risk insertion or extraction Manager to handle risks which are issued on related term like renewals ,endorsments etc.
  • Event/Risk/Cumulation based Exess Of Loss Rule Manager can keep and automate different levels of excess pools with its sharing subratios after related claims occurance.
  • Deposit Premimum Adjustment provision on yearly/quarterly term bases.
  • Large-variety KPI indicatiors like Treaty Slips , Treaty Profitability, Exess Of Loss Pool Capacity Usage Reports, Premium Adjustment Reports etc.


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