Strategic Functional Systems

iNet Insurrate
Some of features
  • Comparative and instant proposal for individual products of insurance distribution channels and policy issuing
  • Customer, customer relations map and cross sales management
  • Operational process management (automatic renewal, smart proposal etc.)
  • Process tracking, performance measurement, campaign and target management
  • System and information security in international standards
  • Customized Private Cloud Network Technology
  • Running on all the web browsers with all functions (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla etc.)
  • Running on tablet PCs and smart phones
  • Asynchronous running
  • Automatic back-up in certain time periods
  • Quick sales with comparative proposal
  • Sales increase by highlighting with campaign and target management
  • Easy access from everywhere thanks to its ability to run on tablet PCs and smart phones
  • Customer segmentation, correct and profitable sales with target and campaign management
  • Sales of supplementary alternative products with cross sales.


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