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Digital Sales Portal for Insurance Company

iNet InsurTech offers a fully Omni-channel insurance experience. Also allows receipt of real-time and comparative proposals, conversion of proposals into actual policies, claims management, AR/AP management. In addition to online proposals and policy issuing, it offers policy renewals, cross sales, claim file inquiry, campaign management and target monitoring capabilities.

  • Channel can give alternative quotes to the customer, issue the policy and can use the sales campaigns arranged by insurance company.
  • Collection can be done automatically on behalf of broker or insurance company.
  • The salespersons can run it on the field using hand-devices like smartphone, tablets on the field and directly send the sales to company.
  • It will decrease OPEX (operation expenses) of the company.
  • It provides competition advantage in the market.
  • Customer satisfaction will be increased so that revenue will increase.
  • It can be used on all distribution channels and B2B partners of the insurance company.


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iNet InsureRate

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