Accounting Management System (InsureE GL)

What is Accounting Management System?

The Accounting Management System(InsureE GL) keeps your accounting in accordance with the legislation and standards, automatically creates your legal books, and you can perform your detailed financial analysis quickly. Thanks to its foreign currency working feature, you can track the foreign currency inflows and outflows to your institution, as well as analyze all transactions through reports that can be converted from a flexibly defined rate to the desired currency. Your staff, who speak different languages, can change the working language of the system with a single touch on the same computer and carry out their operations in the language they want. Thanks to the flexible balance sheet and income-expense table, you can design and report your balance sheet or income-expense table in different views.

What are the New Features of the Accounting Management System (InsureE GL)?

  • It can be used from all web platforms (mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer).
  • It works with all the advantages of web screens. In multi-company works, screens can be reproduced as much as desired. It is also possible to work with different companies and accounting periods at the same time.
  • With the smart dashboard, the desired data can be followed dynamically.
  • It is ensured that calendars specific to financial units or users are created.
  • Transactions carried out in the system can be followed instantly.
  • Summary information such as balance sheet and income statement that the management will want to follow can be displayed instantly on the dashboard with live data.
  • E-ledger transactions are started automatically or with a single click, and all processes are carried out on a service basis in the background.
  • Comparative balance sheet and income/expense statements (up to 3 financial periods side by side) can be obtained.
  • Periodic transactions (e-ledger, currency valuation, etc.) can be executed automatically with a timer.


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