Features & Benefits

It enables agile and profitable insurance by enabling all its stakeholders to enter the market in a high-performance, secure and integrated manner, and enables insurance from anywhere by offering smart insurance from all channels with its simultaneous multi-processing that can create integrated strategies in different insurance areas.

We offer software solutions that will increase your business performance with End-to-end Non-Life Insurance Management Systems.


Rules Engine

It is the basic component that is rich in content, easy to understand and use, operates defined rules hierarchically and allows flexible shaping of the way of doing business in order to meet the determined needs of insurance companies.


Business Process Management

It provides insurance companies with the opportunity to determine, define, assign owners and continuously monitor business processes.



It allows you to define business processes and screens based on simple and complex marketing mix based on pricing rules, payment schedules, customer information, sales channels and commissions that can be changed according to risk characteristics and apply them throughout your organization.



Insurance offers adapters at any point of the application various features, including the ability to add integration to transfer data to internal and external systems.



It provides 360-degree security for insurance companies and policyholders by enabling safe insurance thanks to KVKK support along with international and local standards.

SFS Technology Platform

SFS End-to-End Insurance Systems is built on a modern technology platform that offers unmatched performance, reliability and flexibility. Our architecture is designed to meet all the needs of all insurance branches.

  • SFS applications have been developed with today's preferred software development technology '.NET' and are fully compatible with Microsoft standards.
  • Since it is web-based, the software does not need to be installed on the end-user desktop.
  • SFS web service infrastructure offers seamless integration with other applications of any technology.
  • It offers the opportunity to serve thousands of users simultaneously with its clustering, caching and unlimited performance.
  • SFS applications run on all kinds of application servers, operating systems and databases required to meet the needs of the insurance industry.


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