Insurance Policy Management System (PMS)

What are the General Functions of the Policy Insurance Management System (PMS)?

  • Effective Tariff Management
  • Quick Product Identification (time2market)
  • Proactive Market Penetration
  • Cross and Alternative Selling Opportunity
  • Effective Performance Management with Target Management
  • Special Product Development with Campaign Management
  • Ability to Define Smart Renewal Rules
  • Possibility of Proactive Solutions with Daily Sales Channel Profitability
  • Strategic Decision Making Opportunity with Scoring Management
  • Predicting Reinsurance and Policy Profitability at the Offer Stage
  • Developing Strategy with Management and Profitability Cube

Access to Real-Time Multidimensional Information with 360 Degree Decision Support Data Cube

  • Policy Monitor
  • Channel Monitor
  • Customer Monitor
  • User Monitor
  • Performance Monitor
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Seamless and Easy Integration with Insurance Companies' Core Insurance Practices and Regulatory Agencies
  • Multi-Language and Currency Option

E-BPM (Business Process Management System):

• Intelligent authorization • To be able to monitor the performance of the interaction of employees and service providers between processes • Effective use of time with job assignment • Reducing operational costs with notification and reminder services • Continuous process improvement with real-time monitoring and measurements

What are the Advantages of Policy Insurance Management Systems?

Fast Market Entry Opportunity

Product descriptions can be defined easily and in a short time with the marketing-based SFS Designer without requiring any software code changes. It has been produced by SFS for international use with a structure that can operate with different language and currency options.

BPM Based System

All insurance and renewal processes can be designed with SFS E-BPM (business process management). In case of any strategy change, the system allows the user to easily make these changes.

Customer focused

Technological developments change customer expectations and demands. It is designed to achieve critical goals such as minimizing increased expenses, increasing revenue streams and modernizing legacy systems.

Smart Refresh

SFS Intelligent Renewal System focuses on replenishment rates exceeding 100% as well as increasing negative market volatility (Negative churn rate); offers a business model that suggests how you can increase your renewal rates and profitability.

Underwriting Success

It offers risk analysis and an optimized workflow developed to ensure profitability and focus on high-risk responsibilities in today's rapidly changing market.


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