Stakeholder Insurance Management System

What is Stakeholder Insurance Management System?

The Stakeholder Insurance Management System covers the concept of stakeholder broadly to include all persons and institutions that an institution is in contact with. Stakeholders are not considered as a single person or institution, individuals are evaluated together with their environment, and institutions are evaluated together with their employees and sister institutions.

What are the Stakeholder Insurance Management System Features?

  • Compliance with High Volumes
  • Advanced Security
  • Integrated Solution Architecture
  • Multi-Company Architecture
  • Compliance with Corporate and Individual Marketing Hierarchical Configuration Suitable for Organization

Which organizations can use the Stakeholder Insurance Management System?

  • Those who want to switch to a customer-oriented structure and establish a customer information system
  • Those who try to develop customer-oriented software
  • Those who want to share customers in group companies
  • Those who want to combine stakeholder information scattered across different systems in a single point
  • Those who complain about duplicate stakeholder information
  • Those who want to increase customer satisfaction and establish permanence programs
  • Those who want to reduce their service costs
  • Finance and insurance institutions
  • Private institutions, public institutions, holdings
  • Associations and non-profit organizations


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