iNet Mobile

What is iNet Mobile?

Written for Android and IOS operating systems, iNet Mobil can serve both the insurance industry as B2B and all customers simultaneously as B2C. iNet Mobil, which enables insurance sector players and especially agencies to continue their sales and business processes as if they are in the office 24/7, also enables agency customers to carry out their own insurance transactions with its B2BC structure.

What are the iNet Mobile Features?

  • A mobile application layer surrounded by modern technologies.
  • Establishing simultaneous physical and virtual interactions between customers and agencies with the Augmented Reality structure
  • Omnichannel marketing infrastructure
  • Ability to automatically submit multiple offers via QR codes found in vehicle licenses
  • Reading the data requested from the vehicle licenses with the camera thanks to the OCR infrastructure
  • Secure login to the application with Face ID and Touch ID
  • Ability to log in with voice recognition
  • One-touch offer with 3D Touch feature
  • Ability to read credit cards with a camera in payment transactions
  • Smartwatch integrations
  • Ability to do business and sales from anywhere
  • Multiple offers and policies, policy renewals
  • Damage notification procedures
  • Reporting and monitoring management
  • Campaign and target tracking system


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