What is iNet?

iNet, a network of collaborative insurance systems, increases the communication of insurance institutions with each other and enables them to do business faster and more integrated. Developed with international standards and cutting-edge technologies, iNet has SOA architecture and has a structure that will contribute greatly to the development of the industry.

  • Insurance Companies
  • Brokers
  • Government agencies
  • Claims Service Providers
  • Assistance Companies
  • Reinsurance Companies
  • Agencies
  • Banks
  • Expertise Companies
  • Other Service Providers

What are the iNet Advantages?

It offers the opportunity to benefit from integration services available with other institutions without changing the existing system. It offers ready integrations at international standards to many institutions. Even when integrated with dozens of institutions, it ensures that it is not affected by the changes in other institutions. Since there is no need to re-process the information from other institutions into the system, it reduces the workload and costs, and provides controls. Provides easy and manageable information transfer. It offers security at international standards.


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