What is OfficeE?

OfficeE is a business management tool that combines worklog, project management and resource management features and supports them with social interaction features.

With the application;

  • The daily activities of all employees are planned,
  • The work done is recorded and reported to the ranked managers,
  • For projects; resource planning, timeline and cost management features.
  • Corporate information and documents are stored in secured document libraries, it can be accessed via authorization,
  • Project-team-customer based productivity, resource and capacity utilization reports can be accessed instantly;

Thus, a total improvement is expected in all processes of the business. In addition, with the Social Interaction Module, it is ensured that social activities limited by remote working can be carried out.

The OfficeE application offers unique features, especially in terms of design. Application has powerful interface components developed with current web technologies and supported by graphics and images with a simple user interface.

What are the Advantages of OfficeE?

  • With its remote team management, it creates a solution for businesses that want to use flexible working methods. It supports 7x24 working and remote working methods.
  • It provides significant improvements in human resources management as a result of the data-based evaluation of employee performance.
  • An effective team management is possible with Task Planning, Assignment and Project Management integrated with workflow processes. It contributes to work peace and performance as a result of increase in capacity utilization and fair sharing of duties.
  • With the Corporate Information Library, corporate data is safely stored and easily accessed within the authority.
  • For the companies applying ISO standards; The requirements for ISO processes are met by recording the activities and customer requests in the task management module, finding and publishing ISO procedures in the corporate information library.
  • It is possible to increase employee motivation by reducing the negativities created by the remote working environment with social sections such as morning check-in with photo, forums for technical and social subejects and birthday celebration with gift draw.
  • n-tier organizational charts of businesses; It is created automatically with the definitions of ranking, so that managers can monitor and manage both their own work and the tasks and projects of their teams without the need for a special authorization.
  • All modules are planned in accordance with the workflow characteristics based on process management. The application is not in the form of classical data entry and reporting functions by selecting from the menus; It has been prepared to work with task listing, reminders and directions from the homepage. Therefore, a work discipline based on a work list will be created, it will be ensured that the work is done quickly and the risk of job skipping (job loss) is eliminated.
  • Practice day-to-day work, team management and project management for middle managers; It is a valuable management tool for senior managers, where they can also do business management and capacity management.
  • In the Project Management module, there are innovative features such as the remaining project time calculations and graphical display according to the current progress, and activity-based cost study.
  • Using the local work schedule (public holidays) together with the Leave and Report Management in the application, labor force and capacity utilization are precisely measured.
  • The Resource Planning Module in the application includes advanced delegation features and ensures fair sharing of tasks and correct use of resources thanks to its ability to report and assign current work plans of team members.
  • Time planning is made by the managers in projects and tasks, delays are reported, delays in processes are monitored and corrective and preventive actions can be carried out for the error-prone processes.
  • Project Management Module provides a common platform with all stakeholders, project schedule abilities, project cost reporting features. Also quick access to all necessary documents with the project library is possible.


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