Reinsurance Insurance Management System

What is Reinsurance Insurance Management System?

Proportional and non-proportional treaty contracts can be issued quarterly or annually on the basis of branch, sub-branch, product and collateral, and can be easily managed. Distributions in treate contracts can be arranged on the basis of run-off and clean-cut. Cumulative distribution transactions can be made for policies that fall into the same risk group. SFS Reinsurance Solutions; auto, property, export and credit, health etc. It can be adapted to all types of insurance branches.

What are the Benefits of the Reinsurance Insurance Management System?

  • Adaptive Risk Contract Manager capable of maintaining and monitoring many risk-sharing contracts with specific exceptions
  • Multilingual system that can support different user profiles, especially for multinational insurance and treaty companies
  • Possibility of using multiple currencies
  • Especially contract renewal, overcapacity, etc. Comprehensive warning or warning via e-mail/SMS regarding reinsurance risks in processes reminding processes
  • Possibility to design the desired reports easily and quickly with the Report Preparation Module
  • Granting and managing pre-insurance and post-insurance authorizations with DOP (authorization routing)
  • Opportunity to follow up the follow-up processes of payments and collections through the AR/AP (AccountsReceivable/Accounts Payable) Management System, by making installments of risk transactions when necessary.
  • Reconciliation transactions with contracted companies for the balance of payment and collection management
  • Possibility of cumulative risk monitoring and management on the basis of risk groups
  • Possibility of excess damage management
  • Possibility to create various reports such as key performance indicators (KPIs), treaty, treatment profitability, excess damage, pool capacity usage reports.


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