AR/AP (Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable)

What is AR/AP (Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable) Insurance Management System?

Channels manage all debtor relationships between customers, service providers, and the insurance company. All financial transactions are automatically created by the system in the form of a pre-accounting system, depending on policy claims and reinsurance transactions. Taxes, commissions and policy payment schedules are processed automatically. Collection transactions can be viewed down to the finest detail, so it is possible to increase the collection speed without errors. Through comparative data analysis, the system helps insurance companies to take the necessary decisions to carry out their financial relations in a healthy way.

Multiple Collection Entry

Collection transactions can be made with multiple payment methods. All payments collected from the customer or the sales channel are entered into the system in integrity, thus providing flexibility and speed in financial transactions.

Distribution of Financial Transactions

Credit transactions can be distributed to debit transactions or vice versa. Whether the installment of a policy or an addendum is paid or not, the payment status in general can be easily viewed. As the distribution of financial transactions can be selected manually; With the FIFO method, the system can also distribute quickly and automatically.

Collection Payment Control System

The selection of overdue transactions is carried out automatically by the system. Thanks to the notice-cancellation structure, in case of delay in the payments of a policy, the notification of the payments of the policy and the cancellation of the policy can be done by definition by the system.

Integration with Financial Institutions Thanks to our ww.Winsure Bank Integrator module, payment data associated with credit cards or other payment instruments can be shared electronically bidirectionally between financial institutions and insurance companies. Data transmission methods and structures of shared information can be defined separately for each company or bank. These operations can be done by definition without requiring any software coding.


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