What is Insurance Claims Management System?

Customers, services, adjusters, insurance companies, service providers, Insurance Information Center (SBM) etc. It allows interaction and cooperation of all members of the ecosystem. Rule-based claims process designers, who adapt quickly to the strategies of insurance companies, are used to create customer-oriented processes without the need for any software, code changes. SFS's end-to-end insurance solution is an integral component of ww.Winsure, but can also be integrated and used stand-alone with the company's existing systems without ww.Winsure if desired. It has been developed in line with the strategies and needs of insurance companies, with its customer and service-oriented structure, and architecture reinforced with internet and mobile technologies. Insurance companies have a workflow manager that can be designed according to their own needs and dynamics and regulates claims activities. This; It can be applied to all types of insurance branches such as motor insurance, housing, engineering, credit, health.

What are the Advantages of Insurance Claims Management System?

  • Decrease in damage process times
  • Paperless office application with automated processes
  • Increase in recourse and legal collections
  • Instant and real-time damage file status view
  • Cost reduction with Suspicious Claims Management
  • End-to-end Workflow Management System (EBPM) focused
  • Including all damage elements in the ecosystem in recourse and legal processes
  • Person and role-based job assignment/ job tracking
  • No tracking / inactivity alerts
  • Authorization system for receiving opinions, assignments, signatures, etc.
  • Product and sub-branch independent quick notification screens
  • Automatic assignments (file manager, expert, service etc.)
  • Mail/SMS/social media notifications/reminders
  • Electronic document management
  • Automatic or offline accounting integrations
  • Integration with document management portals
  • Integrations with third party systems
  • Fast and extensible SBM Integration Manager
  • Alternative damage payment and recourse collection tools (EFT, Money Order, Check, Cash, Credit card)
  • Automatic recourse tracking processes after payment
  • Recourse / legal installment and follow-up / reminder system
  • Legal file follow-up against and in favor
  • Special court, hearing, payment tracking/reminder services for the legal department
  • Automatic reconciliation with payment and collection parties
  • Smart Print Design Manager
  • Quick file review / audit
  • Damage repair and pert tender portals
  • Historical suspense structure
  • E-invoice integration
  • Limit definition based on source and payment type
  • Real-time and periodic reporting
  • Multiple victim tracking under the file number framework
  • Automatic file creation in line with recourse applications
  • File independent, corporate legal processes follow-up of the company


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